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Blue Rose Capital Advisors is a full-service independent financial advisory firm that serves the education, healthcare, non-profit, corporate and government sectors, with a specialization in higher education institutions. Blue Rose provides debt advisory, derivatives advisory, P3 advisory, reinvestment services, strategic and financial consulting, and other specialized services to help clients achieve their capital and financial goals. Blue Rose is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) as a Municipal Advisor.
To help build healthy organizations by providing advice, service advocacy, and transparency on complex financial matters.
Blue Rose operates in conjunction with HedgeStar and MuniPriceTracker, affiliated companies which were developed to meet specific financial and debt-related needs of our clients. The breadth and depth of our organization, under common control since 1995, allows our advisors to focus on delivering tailored service and solutions while having access to outstanding quantitative and monitoring capabilities.
The blue rose, which does not exist in nature, symbolizes that which is rare, desirable and difficult to obtain. The color blue represents opportunities and new beginnings, and so the blue rose conveys the excitement and possibilities of a new venture. Blue also is the color associated with those who are analytical, intelligent, responsible, optimistic and practical, traits we value and encourage in our professionals. At Blue Rose Capital Advisors, it is our goal to seek out new opportunities for our clients, and with meticulous and enthusiastic service, help them create optimal solutions and overcome their most formidable challenges.